Hello this is one of the site where I was paid.

Paidtoclick in is also my favorite site.

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How to Post Payment Proof


One of my referral ask me on how do I post my payment proof that's why I have this now.

Step by step procedure on How to post your payment proof:
1. Open the email account where you recieved the message from Paypal or what ever payment option..For ex. on yahoomail

 2. When your account is open just press the Print screen on your keyboard to get the desire image you need.

 3. Go to your Start Menu


Arlene here a proud Filipina

Last January 24, 2010 I am counting down for my first ever payment to be recieve here on Bluethunder PTC and for now I am so happy to tell you guys that I've been paid!
(With Bluethunder ptc I am still waiting for my first payment here. Lets see what happen!-January 24, 2010)


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